The Tea Party that started it all!

Alice in Wonderland inspired Tea Party by A&K

Alice in Wonderland inspired Tea Party by A&K

Back in March last year, we threw a surprise tea party to celebrate Astra’s birthday. We knew how much she loves the story of Alice in Wonderland so we used that quirky theme as inspiration for her party. We had a beautiful croquembouche made with 30 profiteroles in place of a cake, champagne, tea, sugar almonds and a lovely cheese platter. For the quirky touch, we printed “Eat Me” tags and scattered Alice in Wonderland postcards all over the table. We had pink juice in mini glass bottles complete with blue ribbons and “Drink Me” tag to create that Down-the-rabbit-hole experience.

When Astra walked in the room and saw the tea party set up, her reaction was priceless. She was speechless and had tears of joy. Kring and I were so happy to have pulled off such a sweet surprise. But little did we know, that little get together would inspire A&K Lolly Buffet and that it would be the first of many more surprises and parties we’d be putting together and sharing with others. Eight months later, and to our delight, we had the pleasure of doing another Alice in Wonderland themed “surprise” party with Jessie’s Mad Hatter Tea Party Baby Shower and it was amazing!

The best thing about putting together a party is all the love that goes into it and all the happiness it brings our loved ones on a very special occasion. Doing things with love and making people happy is what A&K Lolly Buffet is all about!

(Written by Aphrodite a.k.a “A&K’s Creative Juice”)

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