"Love is Sweet" - Floral pastel & gold themed dessert table by A&K Lolly Buffet.

Start with a handful of research

What are you celebrating and what would you like your guests to experience or remember from this event? Identifying the purpose of the party, learning more about the person or people whom the party is for (the guest of honour), and knowing what the guests would enjoy – these are key things to think about while researching for ideas for your party.

Party ideas and event styling inspiration are everywhere! Look for reference and guides from magazines, Instagram, Pinterest, or blogs. This will help you decide which event style would be suitable for the occasion and for your guests, which venue to hire, what food or drinks to serve, and what other materials or entertainment you will need for the event.

Bhavya's 5th Birthday Mad Hatter's Tea Party by A&K Lolly Buffet
Use your imagination and creativity. What better inspiration for a party than the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

Pick a few ingredients and make them shine

It’s ok if you get carried away pinning or saving screenshots of pretty things and party ideas you like, but don’t let these overwhelm you. With a friend or colleague, create a shortlist of:

  • party themes suitable for the occasion
  • venues and suppliers that you need to contact
  • must-have party needs, for example: invitations, catering
  • nice-to-have party items

Try to limit each shortlist to 3-5 items only, so that it will be easier for you to coordinate and prioritise your event requirements. Once you have decided on your top items, stick to it and start your plan.

Amanda & Shaun's Coastal Engagement Party by A&K Lolly Buffet
These Polaroid prints of the couple’s milestones added a unique personal touch to the dessert table at their beach-themed engagement party.

Use your favourite tools

Write your plan on paper and keep your notes in one place. Aside from pen and paper, there are many tools you can use to help you plan and organise and some of these are apps which you already have in your computer or mobile phone:

  • Spreadsheets for tracking budget or schedule
  • the Notes app in your smartphone for listing tasks
  • the calendar app in your smartphone for task reminders
  • Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp messenger for communicating with suppliers or for collaborating with your friends/co-organiser
  • Photo gallery albums for organising your ideas and inspiration
  • Event ticketing platforms to help with RSVP management and guest list tracking

Add ounces and ounces of creativity

Be original and make your event unique by incorporating your own style or perhaps by featuring the guest of honour’s mementos, artwork, or crafts. You can even make your own party décor or make the desserts. Your guests will surely talk about your party not only because it was well-organised, but also because of the stories and memories behind those special details.

Marcus' Planes & Hot Air Balloon themed 1st Birthday Party by A&K Lolly Buffet
A travel-themed birthday party featuring personalised passport/guestbook for guests to write their birthday wishes for the birthday celebrant.

Season generously with lots of love and fun

Planning and styling your party don’t have to be stressful. Plan ahead, stay organised, and enjoy yourself. Remember, having a party is all about having fun and sharing and memorable experience with your guests.

Sydney Relay for Life's Purple & Yellow dessert table by A&K Lolly Buffet
Memories and souvenirs for guests to take home.

You can have your cake and eat it too!

If you want a stress-free party, you can have a professional event stylist plan it for you. A&K Party Styling & Lolly Buffet will help you every step of the way – from the research and planning, to the event styling, setup and pack up. We offer affordable lolly buffet and dessert buffet packages with personalised styling that will suit your party theme and will help make your parties sweeter, prettier and memorable. Contact us to request for a quote.